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Hi, I just want to start out by saying that I love your detangler leave in conditioner. I have three girls they are six about to be seven a five year old and a two year old and this product works great. Its the first time I've seen your products. I bought it at ULTA in Natomas, Ca. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Daisy
I met you at the national cheer competition in Atlanta in February. I did buy some products for my 8 year old and they have worked great.  It has been fun to see your items at ULTA and when I buy them I make sure to comment to the sales people about them, so hopefully they will become more aware of them too. Way to go!  Laura

Thank you for taking the time to ensure my shipment arrived on time.  The lotion did arrive on Wednesday as anticipated.  This is to be part of a special cheer gift for the squad my daughter is on and we needed the items by Thursday and you came through.  I'm sure the girls will love the lotion.  Thanks again!



I'm so excited I received my products yesterday and my 11yr daughter just fell over for it. Thanks a million for making me feel comfortable with your products. I'm sure I'll be ordering more and more. Now, I'm anxious to get the lotion products, so that's next on the list. Again, thanks a million.

Diva Dreamz